About Us - Focus

In current scenario of the corporate world complexity of law is day by day increasing and there is requirement of one person who provide board of director proper guidance and importance of law this is Company Secretary. The Company secretary is the person who provides all day to day advice on all legal matters and we provide the same.

Our main focus is to provide our client all legal services in such way that fully justify the employment of a full time company secretary. We become the mediator between the company and regulatory authorities to follow all legal formalities and timely compliances with legal authorities in the location wherever company is registered.

We provide all information to the Board of Directors of the Company regarding the growth and development in various areas in limits of the relevant law. We also provide guidance for changes, implementation of company legislations, regulations and best practice in the jurisdiction.

We are Progressive and constantly focused to provide value addition with enthusiasm. Our reputation, built on the foundation of personal, proactive, practical and prompt legal service and advice, has resulted in local and overseas clients, being regularly referred to us by other professionals including lawyers, , chartered accountants and cost accountants, merchant bankers and several others.

The Firm provides a wide gamut of services to a wide network of clients all over India in matters relating to The Company Law and other Corporate Laws.